Abner Jay - Man Walked On the Moon

Every few years a new anthology of Abner Jay's work pops up and I am never mad about it! Thank you Mississippi Records for this collection named after the song "Man Walked On the Moon", which features a never-before-released version of the hit "I'm So Depressed" as the opener. If you don't know who Abner Jay is, you should definitely check out his Wikipedia page, which is an entire trip unto itself. From playing in "medicine shows" at age 5 to briefly being manager to both Sister Rosetta Tharpe and James Brown, his life is an epic story of a true American outsider artist. The BBC did a radio program about him in 2015, which you can listen to here, with some photos accompanying.

listen on Bandcamp: Man Walked On the Moon 1. I'm So Depressed

2. The Royal Palm

3. Old Black Joe

4. I'm A Hard Working Man

5. Man Walked On The Moon

6. I Cried

7. Sitting On Top Of The World

8. My Middle Name Is The Blues

9. Love Wheel

10. Cocaine Blues / Too Poor To Live, Too Poor To Die PURCHASE FROM OUR SHOP: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1130686294

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