Chris Hoyt (Hoyt Van Tanner) 2020 EOTY list

We are a small shop so I've asked some friends and local Lockhartians to weigh in on 2020's music explorations. Chris Hoyt co-owns Loop and Lil's Pizza here in Lockhart with other Austin ex-pats, and plays music in several iterations around town. He just released an EP this year ( ) and put this together for our End of the Year roundup:

My Favorite Albums of 2020, or rather, Compared To My Daughters Favorite Meals

Jana Horn-“Optimism” for Butter Noodles

Anyone thinking the above comparison is a harsh criticism obviously doesn’t understand the magic of butter noodles. There is a simplicity in this dish that feels like a god send considering it borders on religious zealotry when it comes to kids of a certain age. The same could be said of Jana Horns album. There’s magic in its simplicity. These tracks are addictive and pleasing without overdoing the ingredients. Sometimes less is more and “Optimism” finds Jana Horn making butter noodles for my ears and heart.

RF Shannon- “Rain on Dust” for the Campfire Veggie Dog

We had our first backyard campfire this year. It was a pretty big deal. We told not so scary ghost stories and we roasted Lightlife veggie dogs over the open flame. And for me, no album comes closer to that campfire feeling than RF Shannon’s “Rain on Dust.” “Rain on Dust” feels less like an album and more like an important time, place and special moment that we forgot to take photos of. Still, it remains with us all the same. And yes, Rain on Dust came out in 2019. But 2020 has felt like such a mind suck for us and 2019 feels like yesterday and also a million years behind us.

I stand by my veggie dog comparison!

Jess Williamson-“Sorceress” for our Seasonal Gingerbread House

Sweet, colorful and balanced. How can you not compare Sorceress to a Gingerbread house! Every track builds on the previous to create something solid and beautiful with flourishes of beauty and splendor. Foundation is everything and Jess Williamson has built something rather special and worth indulging. Much like my daughter, who indulged in half the house and passed out on the couch. Am I a bad dad?

David Byrne-“American Utopia” for Nugs & Shrugs

We watched American Utopia last night and we had an absolute blast. We danced our hearts out and we also had a heartmelting moment discussing race and men wearing makeup. It might be the highlight of this garbage year. She had veggie nuggets and steamed veggies, hence the “nugs & shrugs” because she shrugged off the steamed veggies. We have a strict “try something new everyday” rule and she rejected the new steamed greens. They were pretty gross. My bad. They were steamed to death. But her “something new” she chose was watching this dude dancing around wearing, quote-unquote, ladies makeup. Long story short, I will be sporting an obscene amount of makeup in our Christmas photo this year because, and I quote, “Papa, you can look as pretty as me.” - Chris Hoyt

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