Upper Crust: Horse & Buggery (DVD) 
Reptilian Records - REP 101

A live performance by the Lords of Rock, for the pleasure of those with discriminating taste and the purse to afford access. Professionally recorded live sound and multiple camera footage from The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on April 9, 2005. Includes bonus features and interviews of utmost interest.

Track Listing -

Let Them Eat Rock
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Tell Mother I'm Home
Rabble Rouser
High Falutin'
Persona Non Grata
Who's Who of Love
20 Paces
Old Money
I've Got My Ascot And My Dickie
She Speaks the Vulgar Tongue
Eureka, I Found Love
Bleed Me
Ne'er Do Well
Rock and Roll Butler
We're Finished With Finishing School
Cream of the Crust

Encore -

Little Rickshaw Boy
Everybody's Equal
Once More Into the Breeches

Bonus Features -

2nd Encore
Interview with the Crust
Photo Galleries

Upper Crust: Horse & Buggery (DVD)

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